The orders processing is from 08:00 to 23:00!
This is a site for booking transfers from the airport, train station,
hotels and cities of Catalonia and Andorra at the best prices.

How we work:

Select the desired route and fill out the order form that you will receive in the mail.

In 2 hours you will receive a response to the request. An operator will contact you, clarify the details of the meeting and send you a link to pay 15% of the order value with the VISA / MASTERCART card. After payment you will receive an invoice.

A driver contacts you and informs you about the details of the transfer.

At the requested date and time, the driver will wait for you at the indicated address.

You go in a comfortable car with a professional driver.

We control the trip: send a voucher and reminders to both the client and the driver, collect feedback.
Our support team is ready to answer any questions.

Our advantages:

The price of the service is fixed.
we set the price in advance and it does not change regardless of the presence of traffic jams or forced stops.

Twice as fast as public transport.
An individual car transfer to a hotel is a shortest route trip without queues or changes.

24 hours of work (with prior reservation, transportation works 24/7)
Public transport in all the cities of Catalonia generally stops working after 20:00. You can reserve a car in advance and not think about how to get to the airport or the hotel when all public transport does not work. The processing of all transfer requests takes place from 08:00 to 23:00.

A comfortable transfer.
Meeting at the airport at the indicated time, a friendly driver who helps with luggage and a clean car are a guarantee of a comfortable journey.


When can the driver arrive after leaving an form?
The minimum time between the request and the arrival of the driver is 5 hours.
Remember: the earlier the request is made, the greater the probability of finding a car.
What does the transfer price include?
It includes waiting at the airport, gasoline, the cost of the highway, and, of course, the route from point A to point B. You do not pay extra for overnight transfers, the price is the same 24 hours a day!»
Can I pay with card?
Yes, you can make a 15% advance payment with VISA / MASTERCART cards or pay with a card the total cost of the trip in advance.
What if the driver did not come?
Try to contact driver first. The driver’s contacts are indicated in the letter confirming your order. If you were unable to contact the driver, please inform the helpdesk. We will try to find another driver for you or we will refund your money. Return time: up to 3 business days.
Can I trust the drivers I found on
We work only with trusted people and we sign a contract with them. In addition, customers of the service always evaluate the work of drivers. We analyze user review and continue to work only with the best drivers.
What happens if my flight is delayed?
The free waiting time at the airport is 60 minutes. The driver verifies the arrival time of the flight through the airport website. please contact us by phone (see phone numbers on our website) for more than an hour late or write to using your request email You can also contact us through online chat.
How do I know if my luggage fits in a car?
Indicate the dimensions of the luggage and its quantity in the comments to the order. For example, 2 180 cm long ski bags and two suitcases. This information will be transmitted only to those drivers in whose vehicles the luggage is stored.
How to cancel an order?
Contact in any convenient way for you with the operator
Phone number:
+7 (978) 919-56-94 ( WhatsApp)
+34 (634) 919-630 ( WhatsApp)
+38 (093) 269-90-82 ( WhatsApp)
And the operator will make a refund for prepayment.
Important: in case of urgent cancellation of the order, we will not be able to return the payment and deposit of 15%. The money is returned if the order is canceled 24 hours before the trip.